WATCH: Mortuary man opens up on sleeping with with Ebony’s corpse

Mortuary man opens up on sleeping with with Ebony’s corpse

Mortuary man opens up on sleeping with with Ebony’s corpse

“I don’t know why they tried to destroy my hard-earned reputation because I never fingered or had sex with Ebony’s dead body at the mortuary” these are the words of the Mortuary man who worked on the late Ebony’s dead body prior to preserving it

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of Mortuary Workers Association Mr Ebenezer Essilifie has deputed claims that mortuary workers sleep with dead bodies especially beautiful women at the mortuary.

According to Mr Ebenezer Essilifie who came under fire at the time, no mortuary man will stoop so low to sleep with dead bodies whether the dead person was beautiful or ugly.

Mr Ebenezer Essilifie was accused of fingering and sleeping with Ebony’s dead body after some videos went viral from the mortuary in which the late Ghanaian dancehall/Afrobeats was being processed at the morgue for preservation

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV hosted by Josephine Esi Pipitha known as Pipi monitored by, Mr Ebenezer Essilifie explained “Let me take this opportunity to address certain issues for the first time. I was the mortuary man who worked on Ebony’s dead body and I was accused of sleeping with her and fingering her”

“Though I decided not to pay attention to the rumor and decided not to talk about it but I want to clear this perception Ghanaians have about mortuary men. No mortuary man will have time to sleep with a dead body”

He added that “When I was at the mortuary working on Ebony’s dead body, police investigators came to the hospital and told me to open the body for them to do their investigation”

“There was a mark at her forehead and under her stomach so I was wearing gloves and used my head to open her trouser for the investigators to get access to do their investigation”.

“Later I heard Ghanaians saying the mortuary man who is working on Ebony’s dead body has been caught sleeping with her at the mortuary. I was shocked after hearing that because I didn’t such a thing”, he explained.




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