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17 Behaviors Women Hate About Men

17 Behaviors Women Hate About Men

There could be thousand and one things women hate about men. Some are mannerly, others are behaviors.

17 Behaviors Women Hate About Men

Men tend to lack focus when it comes to their presence around women which isn’t healthy. So, I’ll outline 17 behaviors women hate about men:

1. Failure in noticing new things about her

2. Calling them crazy when they want to show they care

3. Zoning her

4. Not understanding them almost every time

5. Taking things too serious

6. Playing video games all the time

7. Men who use short-hand in texting

8. Men who argue with other ladies

9. Men who lie a lot

10. When men don’t make them their number one priority

11. Men who don’t keep their hair

12. Men who cheat

13. Men who can’t pray

14. Stingy men

15. Not listening to them when their final answer is ‘no’.

16. Interrupting their talk

17. Men who can’t say sorry

Men, do work on these things to win the woman you want so much. Thank you.