5 Simple Ways To Avoid Paying E-levy

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Paying E-levy

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Paying E-levy

Simple Ways To Dodge E-levy Payment

The E-Levy was passed into law by Parliament after President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo signed it into law.

Despite the fact that Ghanaians have openly expressed their opposition to the E-levy, it has been enacted into law.

Here are some simple ways to avoid paying it without breaking the law.

1• You can create a sim card in my name for my father or mother in the village anytime you want to give them money to withdraw, because transfers between same account holders are exempt from the charge.

2• You may let anyone who wishes to send money in excess of Ghc 100 to withdraw it from my account at the nearest agent while you approve it at my convenience. [Make certain they take out the exact amount]

3• Because Voda is not taking any fee, including the levy’s introduction, they may simply charge for the tax.

4• Withdrawing cash from Vodafone is also straightforward, requiring the withdrawer to complete the procedure on their own.

Only for the agent to give you the money after receiving the alert, so you may tell anybody you’re sending money to go to the nearest agent while you’re doing the withdrawal. For them to be able to receive it.

5• You can split whatever amount you wish to send to someone as in Ghc 100 per day. Or at ago




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