APLUS poses 3 serious questions to ANAS over murder of Ahmed Suale

Kwame Aplus

Kwame Aplus

Social influencer and anti-corruption activist, Kwame APlus born Kwame Asare Obeng has posed three questions to investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to answer regarding the murder of Ahmed Hussein Suale, a protegé of Anas.

Ahmed was murdered on 16th January 2019 in his vehicle by two unidentified men on a motorbike. He was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck, as Anas reported.

Aplus who is still conducting a test-transmission of his TV station, APLUS TV also asked Anas to come clear on the nature of his work, whether he is public interest activist or a mercenary for private use.

“The way you think you are smart in investigating corruption, kindly accept that Ghanaians these days are also very smart and probe deeply into issues. Nobody can fool Ghanaians these days. The questions people are asking are;

  1. What time did you hear of Ahmed’s death?
  2. What time did you find the video, edit it; add text and some “conscious music bi” and released it?
  3. You are a lawyer. Which lawyer draws conclusions in the murder of someone before investigations begin?” Aplus asked.

He continued: “what you did, in my opinion as someone who watches ID extra 24/7 looks more of a planned thing against Kennedy Agyapong. Some may blame him for unmasking Ahmed. But you also had to take your time and allow detectives to do their job. You have destroyed the whole process. You have yourself to blame. What majority of the people are saying is that you just wanted the public on your side in pointing accusing fingers at Hon. Ken to divert attention from the real killers. Go online and read comments for yourself.”







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