Asamoah Gyan names three things he will do when elected President for a week

Asamoah Gyan celebrating after scoring a goal during the ACQ at the Accra Sports Stadium in Accra, Ghana© Christian Thompson/Backpagepix

Asamoah Gyan names three things he will do when elected President for a week

Legendary Ghana international Asamoah Gyan has listed three things he will make his priorities when elected President of the country for a week.

According to Gyan, sanitation is top of the list, and he will ensure the enforcement of rules and regulation which he feels are overlooked by citizens but adds he prefers a democratic state to an autocratic one.

“Sanitation because it is very very important,” he told Pulse Ghana.

“Although we have got a lot of things happening in the country unnecessary traffics. There are a lot of things that cause traffic: People sell on the street which they know they are supposed to be in the market: Commercial drivers who park anyhow and on the high way we see drivers relaxing in the inner lane,” he added.

“When you want to overtake you do it in the inner lane, not the outer lane, but you see a lot of big cars in the inner lane who are very relaxed and they cause a lot of accident.

He continued: “There will be rules and regulations. There a lot of rules and regulation that people don’t abide by. I tell my people. It is a funny example. I tell them when we go outside and they bring the foreigners here, they will make here better and we will go and spoil there. We will make there worst because I say it every time, people might disagree with me but I always say.

“When you go outside the country when you see where Africans are living you will know Africans are living here because we don’t keep places clean”.

Asked of his choice of governance, the 34-year old was quick to pick democracy due to its encouragement of peoples opinions.

“I will choose democracy over autocracy because it allows other people to express their opinions,” said Ghana’s all time leading scorer.




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