Beautiful Setup of Kojo Jones’ White Wedding at the Beach Wows Fans – Video


The pressure to have a one-of-a-kind wedding in Ghana keep getting higher and Kojo Jones is set to raise the bar higher than what have already witnessed.

If you thought Kency2020, or the royal wedding from Adinkra was extravagant then you will have no vocabulary to describe this.

The white wedding of Kojo Jones and Rachel is set to take place by the beach today and fans are surprised after seeing the setup.

This will be by far the most extravagant beach wedding in the history of Ghana– the traditional wedding should give you a clue.

Videos and photos circulating on social media has left many shocked and sharing wild comments online.

The beach wedding setup had a bold cast of #JonesBond22 on the sand.

An estimated list of about 600 guests is expected to grace the occasion.

We will bring you every detail of how the wedding went down.

Watch the setup below.


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