Black Sherif’s career might collapse due to Lawyers suit – Lawyer Osei Barimah

Black Sherif career might collapse if due to the lawsuit – Lawyer Osei Berima warns

Lawyer Onesimos Barimah Osei has discussed the consequences of Black Sherif’s Lawsuit on a live radio program.

Onesimos Barimah Osei
Onesimos Barimah Osei

The personal lawyer representing rapper AMERADO in an interview with DJ Slim of ABN radio ONE monitored by, informed the host and listeners on the dos and don’ts of artiste and management contract.

He outlined the duties of an investor, road manager, artiste as a product and executive manager. He also concentrated on intellectual property legislation and division of funds.

Now, on Black Sherif’s lawsuit brouhaha lawyer Osei Berima in his own words declared definitely that per the writ of sermon that surface on the internet suggests that there is a breach of contract.

He said per the injunction, there are two motions to the legal viewpoint, wherein one is to prevent an upcoming incident thus to prohibit the artiste from all activities until he appears before court and the other motion is until the matter is heard there is no injunction.

At this moment we all wish the young champ the best of success as he appears before court on the 9th May 2022, we ask the family and fans to remember him in prayers.

Listen to him speak in the video below.




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