BUSTED: Ghana Immigration Service Interrupts Recruitment Fraud At Its Training School



When they met with Public Affairs officers, ASI. ROLLAND A-AZIZZ, five persons (3 ladies and 2 men) were shocked to learn it was a scam and that they had been misled into reporting to ISATS (Immigration Service Academy and Training School) for medical exams as part of their enlistment into the Service

During an interview with the victims, one amongst them, Emmanuel (other names withheld), was contacted by a Facebook profile with the title “Honorable Abena Asare,” who claimed to be able to aid and referred him as well as four other victims to one Prosper Gamor (a self-proclaimed coordinator who works at the Service’s training school and Academy).  The Facebook profile was eventually revealed to be a hoax.

The suspect amassed a total of five thousand cedis (GHC. 5000) in a series of organized moves and phone calls and later directed the victims to the Training School and Academy(ASSIN FOSU-CENTRAL REGION) for Medicals, where the suspect received for an additional charge of GHC.500 (five hundred cedis) using the mobile money number 0546633272. (WALLACE AMOS- as the transaction name)

He went on to say that the aforementioned names do not work at the Service’s training school nor are they Ghana Immigration Service personnel’s.

The Immigration Service Training School only trains civilians to become full-fledged officers and does not recruit or sublet recruitment to any one individual. To that, we have strong leads on Prosper Gamor, and we hope to close in on him soon.


Accounts on Facebook that use the names as well as images of Immigration Officers are on the rising trend.

To fellow officers; When posting images and credentials on social media, always observe the golden rule of social networking sites (as you were taught in the training school and Academy).

Do not give criminals the opportunity to take advantage of you for their benefit.”




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