Cardi B rants about spending $300k a month

Cardi B


Cardi B

Rapper, Cardi B has opened up on her extravagant lifestyle following her breakout single, Bodak Yellow – the mother of one took to Instagram to defend her right to spend it as she likes.

She also revealed she can’t spend beneath a whopping $300,000 a month. In a rant posted to Instagram, Cardi said

‘Being an artist, looking good for ya, doing all this extra sit to please ya. That sit costs money.

‘My bills is like $300,000, $250,000 every single month and I try to put it cheaper but it’s just, it’s not.’

The 26-year-old had begun by criticizing people who tell celebrities what to do with their money

‘You know what I hate I hate when celebrities do something very extravagant but something very luxurious, there’s people on the comments say “You could have donated that” or “we going backwards you could’ve done this or that with your money”.

‘Who are you to tell people whatta do with their hard-working a*s money.’

Cardi defended her spending, saying she paid huge tax bills.

‘First of all do you know that artists, celebrities the IRS out of every check that you make they automatically take 45per cent of your check?That means in order to spend $500,000 you’ve gotta make at least a million.’

Cardi B

And, said Cardi, she said she wasn’t just supporting herself.

‘An artist like me, a lot of rappers that I know, they literally take care of their whole family. And that’s not tax deductible. The IRS don’t consider that a business.’




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