CEO of Beacons Entertainment Thanksgiving Message To People Of Ada & Cooperate Bodies.

Announcement reaching is about the afro-dancehall artist “Exodus” 3days tour to Ada; Exodus’ Manager “Qweku Beacon” CEO of Beacons Entertainment had an interview with Nana Kwesi Baiden popularly known as “Kwesi Blogger” CEO of iCraft Ghana and this morning on GD Showbiz Review, with Qweku Beacon the founder & CEO of Beacons Entertainment. In the course of the interview, Below was his gratitude thank you message to the people of Ada, with some pictures during the tour.
Dear Customers, Funs, Stake holders, Cooperate Bodies, People of Ada etc. Beacons Entertainment humbly take this memorable moment to thank y’all for all the support you’ve all shown the brand and its associate brands; Pentacle Group of Company, Beaconsfield Foundation, iCraft Ghana, Putty Multimedia, Selfmade Events throughout our future career, particularly during our latest (Nominations for Emerging Events Company, Exodus 3days Tour in Ada, Exodus New Tune Titled Stub Your Back).
Y’all ’ve always been someone, we (Beacons Entertainment) could call our “biggest fans.” What means the most to us is that you do more than tell us we are “great” at what we do thus Talents Management, Events Catering, Video/Photo Production,Tickets Catering etc or that we shoe-in for an opportunity.
You’ll take it a few steps beyond and share the reasons why y’all think so. Sometimes it seems like y’all remember our achievements even better than we do.
Beacons Entertainment always appreciate your ability to see how our 3 talents under management namely Exodus(Afro Dancehall), Akosua Goldie (Afro Pop, RnB) and Prince4Christ (Gospel, Soul) can make a difference and you’ve made us a believer too! Beacons Entertainment will always feel more confident and capable, and for that we will always be grateful. For bookings: +233(0)546893437








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