For Men Only: 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Woman! Especially No. 3



10. Too Many Guys Friends

As a guy, it is one of the weakest moves to Women are complicated beings. They are beautiful and amazing but it is not easy understanding their state of mind. This article might help you dealing with certain situations when talking to the ladies.

make in the beginning of a relationship to tell your girlfriend That she talks to too many guys and you don’t like it. Once you make this mistake, you’ll always be tagged As insecure and bounding and that comfort level might never come back. She might start hiding stuff From you, they may be minor things, but she will still hide them in order to not hear sermons from you in Return. Relationships are all about trust and space, give them their space and give them your trust, you Will get the same in return. Don’t be insecure.

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If you suddenly end a conversation with your girlfriend, she will know something’s up. Don’t, ever, suddenly End a conversation and tell her you’ll talk to her later. A woman’s mind is a very powerful and yet dangerous Thing, don’t let it build a million questions and stories about you like Why is he ignoring me?, Is he not Interested in me anymore?, Was it something I said?, Is he cheating on me?. Give her proper attention And time, and if you really are busy you need to let her know why. 

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8. I Love You – Let’s Start Dating

If you’re interested in someone you need to take your time with her, you can’t just tell her in your first ever Meet up that you want to date her. You need to build chemistry first or it never works out in the long run. Don’t make yourself seem easy, don’t throw yourself at her unless you want to be in a one-sided relationship Where you won’t be given any respect. Let the love and chemistry grow, you’ll know when the time is right For you to ask her out and it’ll be perfect.

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7. How Many Guys?

You can’t ask this horrid question in the beginning of your relationship. If you just started seeing someone And you just went on and asked her How many guys have you slept with?, It’s not only going to look bad But it will make you seem insecure and she will think you don’t trust her. You can ask such questions when You’re so deep down in the relationship that such questions won’t matter.

6. Hi, I’m Sherlock

So you just started dating and she suddenly wasn’t able to pick up your call or reply you, you DON’T suddenly Become Sherlock Holmes and start messaging her after every second and start calling her friends up to know Where she is. All of this will only make you seem like an insanely possessive guy, she might just be sleeping or Be busy with work or family but once you make this mistake you’ll forever scare her. Be patient and give her Space.

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5. Do You Like Me?

Like my previous point, don’t be desperate and easy to get. If you are on your second date and you suddenly Start bringing up questions like Do you like me?, It’s going to make you seem like a fast person who can’t Wait for her to decide. Give it time, be patient, if she likes you she’ll tell you. Don’t make her run away.

4. I’m Super Critical

Appreciate the things she does for you and don’t be hypercritical about her every move. If she cooked Something for you and it didn’t taste like a Five Michelin Star Chef made it, don’t be all Master Chef On her and start criticizing her cooking skills. Same goes for what she’s wearing, if she’s trying her best To look good you need to tell her she does, don’t tell her she could have looked better. All of these things Will just stop her from putting an effort for you in the future.

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3. Give Me Your Phone

Yeah this article basically focuses on insecurities because there are a lot of them. You can’t seem so Super insecure in the beginning or the end will be very soon. If you see her texting or calling, don’t ask For her phone. You might get her phone but you will lose her in return. Don’t invade her personal space, We all need our own lives to be ourselves.

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2. I Need Your Passwords

Another major point of insecurity comes when you suddenly ask for her passwords and you’re not even On your third date yet. Insecurities help women kill the respect they have for you. If you’re dating someone And it’s been years, these things don’t matter one bit. But in fresh relationships, such mistakes build strong Gaps between you and your partner and those gaps never go away.

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1. You Don’t Look Good Today

As I mentioned this earlier, don’t be hypercritical. Women aren’t always feeling the same every day, Some days they might dress up and make you go crazy over them, some days they just want to be In the Pjs and snuggle with you without hearing they’re not dressed good enough for you. Make them Know they can be comfortable around you and that what they wear and how they look doesn’t matter To you because that’s what love is all about.

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