Ghana, that enviable land of countless blessings,  underneath, on, and up high it’s crust has come under grave attack.
Ghana, that enviable land of human and mineral resources has come under serious attack. Numerous attacks metted by her own folks, royals and indigenes just for survival sake. These attacks come in numerous forms without recourse to other important things that hit the very existence of mankind.
GALAMSEY, to wit “Gather and Sell” the famous Ghanaian terminology which hitherto was meant  to bring relief to indigenous Ghanaians had rather brought destructions and dangers.
The activity which ought to be regulated to prevent these destructions and to preserve  the natural environment God gave Ghana has become a seeming free range with the regulators doing virtually nothing.
The supposed miners, who have the backing of Venerables in Power (VIPs) and Venerables Outside Power (VOPs) devour several acres of lands meant for farming and other indestructible activities.
The protectors of our much revered land have all metamorphosed into destructors, always pounding and preying on these lands, and as well endorsing and encouraging these ungodly and inhumane practices against the very societies they sought shelter in.
Sadly, these protectors are on same beds, in same rooms and cubicles,  conniving and convincing expatriates to be at the fulcrum of these heinous acts against humanity and posterity.
Footages and shots provided by the kindest courtesy of drones and other forms of lenses make it difficult to think, comprehend and believe if these destructions really occurred.
The forest reserves of yesteryear which are known to be sacred and untouched have become seemingly empty like the teeth arranged in the buccal cavity of a one year old kid. Pits have outnumbered the number of trees in our forest reserves.
The Green Ghana Day initiative by the initiators is a spot on thinking that would help save the environment to some extent. However, the irony of it is that these trees will grow only to be destroyed by the activities of those who are really Gathering and Selling”.
Pra, Densu, Ayensu, Ankobra, Offin, and Birim, just to mention are a few rivers that are wailing, weeping and panting for breathe and oxygen to survive. Their perennially peaceful flow through and under these trees stretching from their sources to other confluence have become more than a journey from the Sahara to the Caribbean. The eternal friends of these waterbodies, the trees which provide shade and shelter  to these rivers are being destroyed, very pathetic this phenomenon has become.
The Pra River, rising in the Kwahu Plateau  and having a long flow southward for 240km through rich and farming areas, and serving her people water and food and providing the right conditions for these cocoa farms has become a mess, sarcastically becoming the cleanest flow ever.
The Birim, the best friend of the Pra and since creation has been  of great blessings to the diamond-producing areas of Ghana, as it flows through most of the width of the Eastern region had been on its knees, helpless and restless as a result of these evil activities.
From the night of independence on 6th March, 1957 at the Old Polo grounds, through to the bright day of 7th January,  2021 at the precincts of Parliament, the impression has been created that our environment  was deeply loved by the supposed protectors but regrettably, the irony.
The lovers supervise, cover and release these perpetrators because they only want to consolidate their gains.
The lovers or protectors of the environment never wish anything good for the generations unborn. They would only go all out for personal gains without thinking about the millions yet to inherit the land.

They gather and sell, whichever especially the golden way to destroy the fortunes of the unborns.
Centuries have gone, centuries will come and these unborns when finally born will be gravely disappointed.
The love for the tongueless environment and the wailing society is the love for humanity. UBUNTU, to wit, “I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE” has had its meaning twisted to sound acceptable in the ears of these perpetrators. The new meaning according to them is “I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE DESTROYED”.
The activities of these haters of the environment are evil, barbaric, unwanted, condemnable and must not be encouraged as they’re against the survival of posterity.
We may think that these men and women really care for the future of tomorrow but they don’t. They are ready to destroy, destruct, damage and lick the golden honey no matter the damming effects that will plague posterity.
The environment must be protected, preserved and defended like the constitution as is the best way towards the survival of man for in all of these posterity will judge all of us.

Written by:
* Emmanuel Kwaku Frimpong
email: [email protected]

* Bariyatu Nabilla
email: [email protected]