George Quaye fires salvos at Praye for attacking Charterhouse over VGMA snub

George Quaye

George Quaye

The Communications Director for Charterhouse Ghana Limited, George Quaye has descended heavily on music group, Praye for attacking the VGMA organizers following the release of the nomination list for the 20th edition of the VGMA few days ago.

Praye expressed a vehement dismay and disappointment in the VGMA organizers, CharterHouse when they were not nominated in any of the categories for the 2019 VGMA.

According to the group, they had worked hard enough in the year under review to earn a nomination. Out of fury, the group even failed to show up for the VGMA Nominees’ announcement party held over the weekend when they had been invited.

In a response to the Angela hit makers, George Quaye has stated that Praye has not worked harder than the artistes nominated for this year’s edition, particularly the Group of the Year category.

According to George Quaye, the group should be channeling their energy into working on a hit song that will cement their comeback. He described their purported comeback as not successful enough thus far.

Below is George Quaye’s full response to Praye:

Dear Praye (Choirmaster Honeho (Praye Honeho), Cartel Bigj Praye and Praye Tintin)

“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.” -Yann Martel, Life of Pi

I can feel your pain guys. From every indication you really would have appreciated a nomination and I deeply respect that. Though many may take your rants, trolls and jabs at the scheme negatively, I want to thank you for it. Those who really don’t give a damn about the scheme are silent because really, they couldn’t be bothered.

But don’t you think you have made your point already? Aren’t you tired? I mean it’s been days…don’t you guys have anything worthier to do with your time than rant away on SM? You couldn’t have channeled all this writing into writing a good song that would actually cement your comeback? Because let’s be frank guys, you know, your fans know and I know the “gbang gbai” didn’t really fly and I was personally shocked, that after such a long hiatus in your career, that was the best thing you could return with. I mean come on! This is Praye! Should I start listing your hit tracks since you won the New Artiste of the Year in 2006? Sit a minute and compare all your old tracks to “gbang gbai” which literally translates as “NOISE” to all the great hits you’ve entertained GH with in years past.

I look at the list of Nominees in the 20th Edition group of the year category and ask myself who to take out and put you there. Or should they just have added you, anyway? Just because you exist and released a song that translates as ‘Noise’? Come on guys.

It is okay to express your heartbreak. It is even okay to cry. The scheme has no problem with you and I know you are only doing it out of pain so I won’t fight you. You WERE a great group and I know that if you really find that chemistry you had some years back, Praye will really COMEBACK. For now, you are still 3 handsome blokes trying to work together. Please find that magic…find that spark. Wutah gave GH a monster hit, “Bronya” when they came back and it instantly won them an award. Find that chemistry and #bringbackpraye!

The #vgmas isn’t FAKE. Take a look at all the plaques on your shelves you have won from over the years. Go read your profiles online and see how VGMA nominations and wins have given degrees of veneration and relevance to your brand. If you call that fake just because you weren’t nominated, then really you don’t know your own worth.

I can’t wait for the #comeback of #praye. Until then, we all have various degrees of madness according to the quote above. It is up to us to decide whether to use that madness positively or stupidly. How do you want to use yours?








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