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Greatness Productions Outdoors New Movie ‘Room 406’

Greatness Productions Outdoors New Movie ‘Room 406’

Greatness Productions, a Ghanaian video production house known for directing the visuals for various profiled music artists, has officially announced the release date of their first feature film, titled ‘Room 406’.


Kobbyshots, Founder of Greatness Productions, announced the news on his Instagram page on August 7, 2022.


About The Movie

Room 406 is a masterpiece horror thriller that sheds light on the responsibilities that can befall uswithout warning,

as well as how the actions of others can have an impact.


The whole film’s production, that is from pre-production to post-production was a total of 7 months, including 3 months for location scouting, grants and rehearsals. 2 months filming and 2 months editing (post production). The film’s locations are all in Kumasi.

Kobbyshots produced and directed the film, with Casty Dampson serving as assistant director.

Tickets & Premiere Date

Room 406 will premiere on the 24th and 25th of February, 2023 at the Royal View Cinema and Sports Lounge (SG Mall), Kumasi. Official premiere tickets are currently on sale Royal View Cinema (SG Mall), Kumasi. To get your tickets kindly contact 0540821352 / 0241915226 / 0542236420 / 0207206562 / 0548958001