I’m correcting the wrong perception about being a Christian I implanted in people – Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has said that her change in style and going back to the things she condemned is an indication of her growth in Christ.

Hitherto this period, she had condemned the use of makeup and other lifestyles she deemed as “worldly” and not right in the sight of God.

However, currently, the Gospel artiste has been seen using makeup, not covering her hair and wearing the best of dresses found in town.

Reacting to the change in lifestyle, Diana Asamoah indicated that she has seen the light and realized that the things that she condemned in the past were necessities of life.

She said she is currently using her lifestyle to clear the perception she might have put in the minds of people about what “Godly” dressing is.

Diana Asamoah indicated that she has come to the realization that to be clean in the sight of God is not about one’s looks but rather about how well people live their lives adding that its better to be righteous.

“It is about growth in Christ Jesus. We condemned makeup and other things we thought as worldly but now we have seen the light and realized that being Godly is more about your deeds and not about your looks. I’m correcting the wrong impressions and perceptions about being a Christian I planted into people with my current fashion sense,” she said on Accra-based Utv.




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