Is Flowking Really Faster Than Sarkodie?




Article written by: Rakisa Luci


Flowking Stone! who is he? and why comparing him to Sarkodie? Is he worth the spot and is this comparison even necessary? Alright, lets find out. Flowking, the ‘Go Low’ hit-maker is a giant rapper who is known for his fluent and fast delivery. He is a hip-hop genius who rolls on the beat like no other. Although he might not be classified among the multiple award winning rappers in Ghana, his unique talent to tongue-twist in a very rapid manner makes him outstanding. His rap style puts him in the spotlight and lovers of rap music love him so much because he rocks.
So! the big deal is why has it got to be Flowking and Sarkodie and not any of the other rap folks in this comparison? hold on for a minutes whilst I fetch you the answer. Two things can’t be compared without them relating to each other in a certain way, and so to spill out the differences let’s just look out for their similarities first, these two are Ashanti brothers and Ashantis can talk. They both have spit incredible speed verses over the previous years, with words per second almost the same although it hasn’t been timed yet. When we thought Sarkodie was the fastest with ‘Lay Away’, Flowking’s ‘Fire Bon Dem’ blew our minds.
Now that we have reminded ourselves a little bit of these guys which one do you think is faster? talalaalalaalalaa I know what you are thinking! but just don’t say it yet. Our opinions may vary from person to person but I think we shouldn’t put across the verdict, not now that we don’t know what the clock has to tell us. Anyone of them could be faster by close margin after there is a proper time-check on their verses but before then, let’s stay cool and enjoy their wonderful talent. See you next time.





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