Jeeninspires Renovates Ntunkumso Presby KG

Jeeninspires Renovates Ntunkumso Presby KG

Jeeninspires Renovates Ntunkumso Presby KG

The regular norm in Ghana is government taking care of it’s institutions and doing the necessary renovations when needed.However this is not the case for Jeeninspires. Jeeninspires is a social enterprise founded by Miss Emmanuella Jane Eshun-Noble.The sole aim is to inspire beginers. The aim of inspiring our generation to do whatever thing possible took them to Ntunkumso in the Sekyere east district of Ghana. The group per a visit some months ago realized the devastating nature of the Presby KG building.


This therefore prompted them to solicit funds to help make life of the innocent children and teachers of the school a better one by renovating their school block. The three day activity which started on the 1st to 3rd November 2019 saw activities such as Plastering the school block,reconstructing some parts of the corridors, pillars, changing windows,painting the entire block and providing teaching and learning materials for the various classes.

Again the group took to the streets of Ntunkumso to administer the word of God to the community through an evangelism activity carefully planned. Jeeninspires climaxed their visit with a health screening exercise. According to their founder,it has always been the groups interest to make the younger generations have an easy life absent of obstacles that block quality education.Miss Eshun continued by saying the building was a threat to the children and teachers who were using it.She said,not all problems should be borne on the government but the society through groups can help build our communities for the better. The group therefore by this article is sending gratitude to everyone who made this kind gesture possible and urged everyone to be supporting in building our communities to inspire our generation. They also called in for support in their upcoming project.

Contact them on 0558493556 and on social media platforms Jeeninspires – facebook/instagram/twitter Jeeninspires Show -Youtube




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