List of TV Channels Alleged To Be Promoters Of Scammer, Fraudsters, Jujus In Ghana

Tv Channels

Netizens in reaction to the killing of the 10-year-old boy have provided a list of Television stations that are alleged to be promotors of various levels of social deviance in the country.

According to the, there are about about 30 TV stations that are involved in inscamming, fake Juju and the others.

The various stations and the kind of fake people who visit and advertise themselves have been listed below

Check out the list to know your favourite TV stations

Megyefo TV – 12 noon
ZTV – 12 noon – Nana Abrewatia
Thunder TV – Sika Gari
Adzipa TV- American Express Money Transfer – 12 noon
Abapa TV- Two Sure Lottery – 12 noon
Aflao TV – Lottery 2 Sure- 12 noon
Obour TV plus- Lottery 2 Sure (Agya Amoah)
XTV – Nogokpo – 12 noon
Selom TV – Saman Pa
Channel 45 – Lottery 2 Sure – 12: noon
Serwaa TV – Money Doubling ( I Money)
Akasanoma TV – Maame Comfort Spiritualist
Star tv
Amen tv
Boss tv
Virgin tv
Best tv
Adinkra tv
Kumawood tv
Sagani tv
Hennes tv
Next tv
Tv magic
Serwa tv
Shelter tv
Star TV
Passion tv
Ok tv
Osiekrom TV
Rainbow tv
ABC tv
Channel 45 TV
Soul tv
Royal TV
Omanba tv
Obour tv plus
Selom TV
Truth tv
Days tv
Test tv
Tv Universe
Mframa tv







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