Home African News Meet Black Man Who have 13 Wives,10 Concubine, Give Birth To 176 Children, Then Cry Out to Government For Assistance

Meet Black Man Who have 13 Wives,10 Concubine, Give Birth To 176 Children, Then Cry Out to Government For Assistance

Meet Black Man Who have 13 Wives,10 Concubine, Give Birth To 176 Children, Then Cry Out to Government For Assistance

Times are hard, hence individuals in various pieces of the world have willingly volunteered to ensure that they bring forth the quantity of kids they believe they are fit for taking consideration of, it is very incredible that a few people actually draw in themselves in bringing forth youngsters they can’t bear to give quality education, it is just a man who doesn’t have the interest of his kids on the most fundamental level that will proceed to bring forth more than 100 children,

below is the account of an Ugandan financial specialist who have 176 children,13 wives,90 Grand kids and 10 girlfriends, before you proceed.

Mr. Mustafa Mugambo Mutone is a local of Uganda he actually lives there till this day, according to him, he wedded his first spouse at the time of 16,prior to his marriage, he said he had ten lady friends and they all conceived an offspring in the equivalent year, isn’t this magnificent?


At the point when met back in 2017,he said that his oldest kid is now 49 years of age while a bunch of quadruplets are the most youthful in the family, with the quantity of Children previously remaining at 176,he proceeded to reveal that six of his spouses are as of now pregnant, which implies the figure will transcend 180 and approach 200 in no far off time

How can he cook for his family?

Aside being a town head, Mr. Mutone runs a discount produce shop at the neighborhood exchanging focus where he bargains on coffee, beans and maize, he said taking care of his enormous number of families have not been simple for him, in his words “I have attempted to take care of my 13 spouses and more than 170 children, but it have not been simple for me, I demand the public authority to support in any event 30 of my kids in optional and tertiary institution”, I don’t know whether the public authority requested him to imitate quite a huge number from children, why attempt to put trouble on the government, as you like sex well well, you need to confront the results of your activities

How can he monitor the number and names of his youngsters and Grandchildren?

When tested about the inquiry above, he said he figures out how to monitor every youngster by recording their introduction to the world in an uncommon scratch pad which he secretly keeps at all times, he said the journal contains the name of each child, the date the kid was conceived an offspring to, and from there on when the kid is named, it will in any case be recorded in the notebook, according to him,40 of his kids are still of grade school age, and with more than 90 Grandchildren, he says he anticipates opening an elementary school with help from his more seasoned children, for e next life, e nor go conceived at any rate once more

How could he figure out how to do bring forth quite a lot of youngsters?

Notwithstanding the way that he is now moving toward 70 years of age, Mr. Mutone isn’t easing back down, he said he sees himself equipped for bringing forth significantly more youngsters since he drives a sound way of life and he deals with himself a lot, he watch what he eats, he likewise said he keep away from sweet nourishments and he doesn’t smoke nor drink.

Does his 13 spouses live with him?

“My spouses are dissipated everywhere on the country, some don’t live in the country, I get calls regularly from various ladies requesting help to deal with my kids, it has not been easy, I must say was he anticipating that it should be simple?