Never Show Women Too Much Of These Things

Never Show Women Too Much Of These Things

Never Show Women Too Much Of These Things

1. Never show women too much attention

Don’t be a guy who wants to see his woman every day. She thinks that’s what she wants but eventually gets bored of it.

When you spend too much time with her, she gets to see all of you and there’ll be nothing else to show again.

Let her see you twice a week and she’ll chase you for the rest of your life since she hasn’t gotten all of your attention.

Don’t be too available, if you do, she’ll be like, “I thought I wanted this but now I’m bored.”

Leave women in scarcity, that’s what they respond best to.

2. Never show women too much of your problems

Don’t share your vulnerabilities with women. They mostly come like “hey baby, share with me your problems, you can trust me”.

They are the same people who will use the secrets you tell them against you when arguments cook up and want to attack you.

Telling them too much about your problems makes them lose interest in you. They may see you as weak.

3. Never show women too much of your past

You run the risk of changing their perspective about you. Women will judge you on anything; who you were and how you grew up.

Let her live in the present.

4. Never show women too much of your future

Real men move in silence. Don’t let women come and play some part in your big plan because they’ve seen what you’ll become.

Don’t let women know you are building a house or getting a promotion in 6 months. She’ll in turn love you in pretense.

5. Never show that they can move you off-center

Women are going to test your strength. They’ll be so dramatic and you don’t have to fall into their trap.

When they see that a particular action tipped you off, or got you emotional, they’ll keep hitting that spot.

Don’t stoop so low guys, women have a game on their own, I hope this helps.




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