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Obaapa Christy’s ex-husband. ” She kept our final child a secret from me”


Pastor Love Kweku Hammond, Obaapa Christy’s ex-husband, claims to have not seen their final child in more than ten years.

The last time he saw his son, he claims, was when the boy was about two years old, and the singer hasn’t let him see him since then.

Pastor Love said to Afia Tamakloe on the M’ahyease TV program that he has tried to use other tactics to persuade her to alter her mind because he wants to have a relationship with his child, especially because she is in charge of all of their three children.

He said that he has chosen to be patient throughout the years and has urged close friends to communicate with Obaapa Christy, but she has refused.

In order to avoid creating a significant issue out of the situation, Pastor Love stated that he did not want to pursue a custody dispute or utilize another method to see his children.

He repeatedly claimed that he had to stop pursuing the case further.
But the head pastor of Action Grace Chapel pointed out that if Obaapa Christy persists in putting up a barrier between him and his child, he will be compelled to look for alternative solutions, which could lead to more issues.
Before finally divorcing after a particularly difficult divorce in court, the couple was married for four years.
Pastor Love has previously stated his satisfaction with the frequency with which he visits his children.
In 2019, not long after Obaapa Christy’s second marriage, Pastor Love claimed custody of their kids, alleging neglect on their part.