Report: Russia’s Putin To Hand Over Keys To War While He Has Cancer Surgery

Russia’s Putin To Hand Over Keys To War While He Has Cancer Surgery

Russia’s Putin To Hand Over Keys To War While He Has Cancer Surgery

New York (Knewz) — Vladimir Putin’s cancer surgery will force him to hand over power in the Ukraine war “for days,” a “Kremlin insider” told the Daily Mail.

Putin will reportedly put hardline Security Council head and ex-FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev in power while he is dealing with surgery. Patrushev, 70, has played a big role in the Ukraine war thus far and convinced Putin that Kyiv is overrun by neo-Nazis, the Daily Mail reports.

A year and a half ago, General SVR reported that Putin is suffering from abdominal cancer and Parkinson’s. The Daily Mail reports that Putin has put off the surgery and it won’t happen before the Victory Day commemoration of Russia’s World War II victory in Red Square on May 9.

The surgery was originally scheduled for the second of April but has been pushed back, SVR reports.

“Putin was recommended to undergo surgery, the date of which is being discussed and agreed,” the outlet stated. “There seems to be no particular urgency, but it cannot be delayed either.”

It added: “The Russian President Vladimir Putin has oncology, and the latest problems identified during [his latest] examination are associated with this disease.”

Vladimir Putin’s cancer surgery comes at a time when there’s speculation that Russia will launch and all-out war across Ukraine.

The Kremlin has always denied Putin has medical issues as it portrays him to be in perfect health, even when he’s been mysteriously missing at times in recent years, the Daily Mail reports.

SVP stated that “Putin has discussed that he will be undergoing medical procedures. Doctors insist that he needs an operation, but the date has not yet been determined,” according to the Daily Mail.

The source added: “I don’t know for exactly how long [he will be incapacitated after the surgery … I think it’ll be for a short time.”




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