Sarkodie – Black Excellence Lyrics



Few things I be thinking about these days


Not like I got it figured out but,
I think is worth talking about it
Yerh, listen
VERSE 1 [Sarkodie]
The young one’s we need to invest
Y3ntwa y’ani nfi the people that tranna impress
Nanfo),  the girls girls
Is just bringing us stress
1000 dollar Gucci shoes
Wodwens3 3y3 flex
You don’t need to keep up
The world is a trap
All you need is fucken teacup
Take a sip and relax
Think about it
We slaves mentally and it sucks
Cuz y3 lacki confidence
That be why we showing off stacks
Society is really fucked up
Man am sorry
It takes a lotta dedication to build you a story
Buh now a days
3mmaa no feeli boys )mo b3 show off
The ones with the drive and the vision is kind of boring
G33 no se )np3w’a dawgi
Stay focus
)mo’a )mo’clami big boy pee
Bunch of jokers
Wo nanfofo) se woy3 cheap
So they can’t hang around with you
That’s okay hang around with stockbrokers
Steve Job, Warren Buffett had a dream
Hardwork, dedication, discipline, extreme
T)dabi’a you feel left out
Sometimes it seems like damn
Don’t you worry wo ns3m w) wotrim
Obi kura
150,000 to show off
Of course
He can make you feel like you are broke
But you own two house
And a whole lot of investment
Trust me ne sika’n ney3 joke
You don need a huge amount of money to succeed
You can start with nothing
Your passion is all you need
Me me’whole life I never had a capital
A just flip
Me de me time na sow seed
Wiase’n ne’ny3 real now a days
We are still slaves
Though we are not in chains in a cave
Buh we still crave for the Gucci
And try to replace true happiness
With these silly things way we dey praise
Akwasibroni b3k) mall
)b3t) jeans baako 3ne lacoste b3y3 4
Obibinii ne sika sua
Nso )b)t) more
Cuz wo’repeati p3 y3b3 srew
Buy the whole store
Otumi k)bue co-store
But no!
Making people happy but you not happy within
Nea nipa b3ka nti daa na wo’faki routine
)kyena party bi nti )w)s3 wohwe louboutin
You the hottest nigger in the scene
Live rich buh you die poor
waei y3 sensitive ti na me nk) ne hardcore
And we gotta teach the kids
What you wear doesn’t matter
What you feed the brain is worth more
VERSE 2 [Nana Addo talks]
I think there is a fundamental mistakement of the issue in the question
We can no longer continue to make policy
For ourselves
And our country
And our region
And our continent
On the basis or whatever support the western world or funds the European union can give us
It will not work
It has not worked
And it will never work
Our responsibility is to chatter a path
Which is about how we can
Develop our nations ourselves [yerh]
It is not right!
VERSE 3 [Sarkodie]
Na 3twe y3n k) akyi pii no
Wonya aboter3 na wo dwen ho’a 3y3 suban
Akwasibroni mbesi nn3 odi yanim kann
Nyansa kr) yaa nyes3 ebia )de etuo ne agyan
Yaa na daa y3 de sombo) b) abr)fo) no nso Jack
Wohw3mu ye’a
y3n’a na y3’pushi )man ne back
Y3su ne y3ban nti daa na y3b) obi attack
Nanso nea y3nim y3 paa ne s3 y3k) mpaeb) w) park
Y3de Nyamesom’n abaa b3’replaci akwadwor)
)nk)p3 adwuma bi ny) na )b) ne mma n’abor)
As3n ne ka y3den nso m3ka
Y’adwen n’apr)
Defeaters approach
Africaman y’ahaamu mm)bor)
Y3w) Osafo Kantanka w) Ghana nso y3nfaho
Obiaa p3 sika y3 nnwen y3mma ho
Nea ohia’a ne s3 w’anya beer baako asi ne mpa ho
Na w’atwe ho jot
Owie’a w’ak)p3 Alomo bi ak)da ho
Laziness na ebeku abibifo)
Y3 np3 adwuma
As3m to y3n sua y3b) obi sobo)
Todabi’a me ne wo mmienu y3fata sotr)
Koo Dakki na yekyi ne )man ne nk)so)
3mmabunu no y3nfa nea y3w) nfamoa )man no
Sika’a mo deto internet mo dawgi saa suban no
Y3nhw3 w)fa Kwame Despite na )nkyer3 y3n kwan no
W’amm) bra anka 37fo) behya aborosan no
Mr. Honourable
Nti wo’aa wo’checki budget’a wode baay3 ne inflation of figures’a
Wod) wo mann
Y3w) diamond
Y3w) gold
Ne nyinaa abu y3so obia’a np3s3 )b3b) ho bann
Nti y3daso br3
Menuanom’a y3b3siso)
Y3nhw3 babia )man ne lacki na yensisi to)
We gotta work and make it happen
And this is why I’m rapping
Y’anfa mea amma s3 me mb3di tr)
I keep it real




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