Shatta Michy Just Revealed The Amount Of Money She’ll Charge Shatta Wale Before Kissing Him Again


Dancehall King, Shatta Wale and his queen Michy have been in trending videos for kissing on a live TV show to rubbish their break up rumors.

The video is said to be an episode on the late afternoon show hosted by Berla Mundi of Ghone TV.  While the interview was ongoing Shatta Wale was seen all over Michy with his right hand wrapped around her neck.

When answering a question about their reported breakup, Shatta Wale answered that they were back for good and went ahead to demonstrate their union by kissing Shatta Michy on live TV.

Excited Michy was heard saying “five million dollar” after being kissed and we can’t tell if that’s her charge for the kiss or her prize for their comeback but definitely the full episode will throw more light into it.

After staying long together as lovers, they both went on separate ways in April this year under unknown circumstances but according to Shatta Wale, Michy was in the habit of chasing him around with a knife at the least provocation.

Michy also claimed that Wale pulled a gun on her three times whenever they had a slight misunderstanding. The two then went their separate ways, with Michy declaring on social media that she was single and free from oppression.

At exactly three months, they were reported to have reunited, but Michy rubbished the reports, and stressed that she had not gone back to Shatta Wale, and that she was still single.

Interestingly, Michy had been warning other ladies to get their eyes off Shatta Wale, as she did to  Rosemond Brown who had expressed interest in dating the ‘Dancehall King’. The two have a son together named Majesty.




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