Slay Queen & Actress Alleges A-Plus’s Wife, Akosua Vee Was Chasing Married Men In The Past–This Comes After Akosuavee Poked Her Nose In Her Business (Full Gist)

Ella mensah

Ella mensah

A-Plus’s wife, Mrs. Obeng aka Akosuavee Bannerman has been dragged in the mud by an actress known as Ella Mensha. At the wedding of Bibi Bright, the actress, Ella disclosed in an interview with JoyNews that, she was dating a married man and that she’s happy with him but also stressed that, when she met him, she didn’t know he was married and it was later on in the relationship that the man told him.

Akosua Vee who was reacting to what the actress said back then, posted the video of that interview on her Facebook account and criticised Ella Mensah for publicly saying that she was happy dating a married man. Akosua Vee told her in the post that, KARMA was going to deal with her.

She had posted; ““Gone are the days when people are even shy to say they are dating married men!!! What do we see now ???Lord have mercy but remember when you have deeply fallen in love with this single guy and you are allover him, that is when KARMA WILL KNOCK AT YOUR BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN DOOR! Keep wrecking ppls homes. My God has alwas been a merciful God and in His own time He strikes beautifully  


Ella Mensah didn’t take Akosuavee’s post about her lightly and decided to open Akosuavee’s can and there were worms in it. She put her on blast in an  Instagram post and reminded her of the married men she was also chopping down before getting married to Kwame A-Plus.

Ella Mensah alleged that Akosuavee was also chasing some married man in Takoradi called Kwaku and also was dating another married musician, Wutah Afriyie.

Ella’s post which was accompanied by a screenshot of Akosuavee’s post wrote:

“I didn’t wonna response to this issue but I think Some Fools want to capitalize on it to shine 🙄 @akosua_vee First of all, I don’t know you, secondly If ur husband is cheating on u, that’s ur problem… you are now married n talking about karma when I marry 🤣 , have u forgotten u used to date some married in Takoradi called Kwaku? N again, before you married ur husband, u were dating another married musician @ Afriyie Wuta… ??? Madam respect ur damn self n focus on ur married … I’m warning you!!”

See the screenshot below from Ella Mensah.




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