Tee Rhyme Is Set To Release A Tribute Song To His Colleague “Future”.


De Stylish Rapper Tee Rhyme has set to release a Ttribute song tomorrow for his colleague Alhaji Corolla S Wale popularly known as Future who was known to be the brand ambassador for the Stylish Music Gang.

The unprecedented and sad incident happened on the 14th day of July, 2018. when the Tee Rhyme and his friends, Including Future were returning from a wedding ceremony they attended at Ajumako Assasan. The accident happened in a suburb town in Ajumako.

Tee Rhyme went unconscious for some hours and as at when he came conscious the only thing he realized was a white cloth enfolded around his friend’s body.

In an interview with Tee Rhyme he said “Fellas my brother Future was a through warrior, a hustler and ambitious gee who awakens hope and always put a smile on our faces with his teases and jokes, Only God knows my pains and sorrow”.

Our condolence to the family of Future and the entire Stylish Music Gang

Source: Kingsmotion




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