The Controversial lawmaker for Assin Fosu; Kennedy Agyapong questions people who chew obinim sticker


Hon Kennedy Agyapong in a latest interview mohas questioned the state of mind of those church member who goes to the extent of chewing ‘Angel’ Obinim’s sticker in expect of a miracle.


Ken made reference to the time Obinim got a problem with the police and was taken to court. He stated that he got to the Tema motorway roundabout one afternoon and saw some of the church members fanning themselves with hand fans which had Obinim’s sticker on it and others chewing the stickers itself.

“What kind of madness is this? I swear to God, I will never lie to you. Is that how it has gotten to. I mean they were chewing the stickers. Is this not stupidity?”..Kennedy Agyapong fumed as he narrated what he saw to the Sources radio host.

Discussing the most corrupt institutions in Ghana which the tough-talking MP labelled pastors, Politicians, Chieftancy as the most corrupt institutions in the country.

He said that the pastors, in particular, are impeding progress in Ghana because of their indoctrination.

He cited an example where a pastor told someone who is suffering from kidney disease to discontinue using the drugs and come from prayers—meanwhile “when the pastor is sick, he seeks for better health care”.

“I was putting up a cold store in Tema so I woke up at dawn around 5 am and when I got to community 10, I saw some Christian “we are binding, we are binding”. So I decided to find out what they were binding and I was told Satan. So we say Satan is in the whole world, is everyone binding him like you are doing…Is it not stupid?” He added.

The Maverick member of Parliament for Assin North stated those people were wasting their precious time they could have used for better things. “Can’t you tell your brother he is fooling if he is” He added.

“This country would have been far developed if the number of churches were factories. Just look at the speed at which they use to build these churches if they decide to put up a temple. If we use the same speed to build businesses, you would see the number of people that would have been employed”He continued

He added that, though, bad or fake pastors abound there are also good ones. He adviced that people shouldn’t waste all their time going to church but should work and pray as the Lord Jesus instructed with the Lord’s prayer.

“People might think, I don’t believe in God or I am of the world but with time, they will come to know the truth.”He stated.






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