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It’s been another cloudy morning in September, there have been raining showers throughout the night, the weather is cold as it could possibly be and the ground is muddy and very slippery. You guessed right – I’m here at work thinking about a topic that has been on my mind for some time. However, I was unable to find the right words to describe it, but now I have now.

There are numerous definitions and interpretations of what a process is, but my favorite is that it is a natural phenomenon characterized by gradual changes that lead towards a particular result. The keyword in this definition is gradual changes. We all fear change and the uncomfortable aspects that accompany it, sometimes even pain. But change is a necessary investment for growth.

Growth is an uncomfortable process and pain is a necessary investment for progress. I stress that if you ever get ill or hurt against your will, it’s just a quiz from God.

We are all anointed as God’s children the moment we choose to accept His grace. But the moment we’re called is not usually the moment we start fulfilling the call.

There’s usually a gap between the place of call and the place of fulfillment (the process) and that’s where frustration sets in. You’ve been anointed but you’ve not been appointed. Your vision and your reality are saying two different things. Whether it’s being called to be a prime minister but you find yourself betrayed by your brothers and in prison for 13 years or being anointed as the next king but you find yourself running and hiding in the wilderness for 17 years. Whether it’s Joseph or David or every great biblical character, you and I find ourselves somewhere in between there.

That valley, that waiting season, that gap is inevitable. And of course, you’re going to see other being appointed. But be careful not to appoint yourself because you’re going to be tempted to. You’re going to see something cheaper, faster, and probably something easier. But that’s a compromise. Don’t fall for the temptation of mediocrity. Finish your course, go through the process, and learn from your experiences.

The crown will be too heavy for you if you get there any other way. It’s the process that gives you the strength to handle the appointment. The process validates the call. Trust the process, let go and have faith that things will eventually work out in its own time. When you trust the process at the right time, you’ll get where you intend to go without rushing or pressuring yourself.

P.S: My words are just the paintings to my heart.