Written by Counselor Adofoli

CAUTION: This article is not to judge, insult or humiliate anyone, this is education for the young ones coming up. We need to learn from others. Emotional discretion is advised.

This is a fallen gospel musician (a sick man) who mistaken a woman to be a weak object, to be used and dumped, forgetting what Solomon said in the Bible, that a woman can bring down kings; while the lady’s actions and words clearly demonstrates a woman who has gone mad after investing her all into a husband-to-be which turned out to be a scam.

She has not only gone mad, when you get mad, you dirty yourself, you do what you couldn’t do under normal circumstances. And as part of dirtying herself, she had the opportunity to stain the man. When you mention Gladys Mensah Buako otherwise known as NAYAS, what follows? People can’t just mention NAYAS without mentioning the popular Ghanaian gospel musician now.

When Kofi Okyere Darko, best known as KOD said “all over the places” some ladies went mad; when the society says ladies should have good morals before getting into relationships, some ladies felt insulted, but all these are truths. Become good for yourself and not anyone else.

Considering what happened yesterday at Adom FM, a privately owned radio station in Accra, which lady in Ghana will advise the brother to live with the lady who went to the radio station to cane a man she wanted because the man didn’t want her? Do you believe your brother will be safe with her?

Who says the public is the best place to resolve issues when the person involved has a family, parents and comes from a home not the streets.

If upon all the sexual marathons, positons and styles, cooking skills, financial assistance, the man doesn’t want to stay, who says going to cane him in public or at the radio station will change his heart?

Sometimes, ladies become desperate and make some bad moves that cost them so much in the future. Let me share some of the bad moves our ladies resorted to out of desperation.

BAD MOVE NUMBER ONE: Some ladies believe if they give the man good sex, that is enough to keep him, forgetting they are not the only ones with a vagina. Prostitutes would have been married to their highest paying customer.

BAD MOVE NUMBER TWO: Some ladies think the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach, so when they are able to give the man good food, whenever the man is hungry, he comes home to them. They forget there are countless restaurants everywhere.

BAD MOVE NUMBER THREE: Some women think the sure way to trap a man into getting married to them is pregnancy. So they monitor their dangerous menstrual period, have unprotected sex with the man and hope to tie him down, forgotten that a man who is not ready or willing to marry you, doesn’t want to have a child with you. So when that happens, the man suggests abortion as a solution which is WRONG. If the woman refuses it, the men either deny knowing the woman or take the child in the future, but they eventually move on.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong being single. After all, no woman was born with a husband from a womb. Stop chasing men. I must have him at all cost is the language of witchcraft. No man wants to settle down with a witch, not even a sick man. Witches love to control and manipulate, and men hate that.

Asking for apology from a sick man before you can move on or learn from your mistake is like asking an animal to apologize for eating your food.

Young men learn from this issue, especially ladies. A man is not a beauty product to give your body to him to maintain it for you. Wait until he is with someone else, then you will realize the damage he has caused you.

A man is not a micro finance to give your money to, hoping you can cash back one day with interest. Wait until you are broke.

It is high time mothers raised responsible women, wives than being MARRIAGE BROKERS. Today, mothers accommodate guys who are not married to their daughters in their homes. They have given the guys the right to have sex with their daughter’s right in their home and when they are done, these mothers rush to the kitchen to cook for them for the work well done, whilst their daughters give the guys fares for coming.

What are you teaching this guy? What values or standards are you showcasing by running a hotel without even profit?

If you are a lady out there who is also a victim, I want you to know that life sometimes does not give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it but because you deserve so much more.

Again, the pain you are going through because you are abandoned is not intended to turn you into a mad or bitter woman, but rather transform you for the better.

The fact that he broke your heart does not mean you should live with bittiness. You being broken does not mean you are no more beautiful. Sometimes God breaks to position. If God allowed it, it does not mean He wants you dest




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