Tip Studios Set To Release A Fantastic Comic Series Tittle: Real Bengers (In De Bar)


For some years now tip studios has proven themselves one of the best selling coming brands in all fields of entertainment. from tip studios, to tip TV through to tip radio and now tip movies. There is no doubt that, the tip company is growing from strenght to strenght which goes a long way to justify or prove thier imense contribution to create employment for the african society and move its from a developing country to a developed country. the selling company or brand is set to release a comic series title; “REAL BENGERS” (INSIDE DE BAR). the amazing series talks about two guys(students) who decided to step out and have fun.

They ended up in a nice bar and as foolish as they are they spent on a lady without having a dime to pay for thier huge spending. as a result of that, they  were made to work in the bar for sometime to cross out thier mess and even with that, inside the bar never rests a day without both fighting, fooling and backbiting each other. Sit back relax as tip studios releases this fantastic amazing sereis.




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