Home News VIDEO: Should I commit suicide or do prostitution? – Widow cries

VIDEO: Should I commit suicide or do prostitution? – Widow cries

VIDEO: Should I commit suicide or do prostitution? – Widow cries

A widow, Faustina Nsiah who lives in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region is appealing to the public to support her take care of her children lest she commits suicide and leave her children orphaned or engage in prostitution to cater for them.

Nsiah said life became tough for her after the death of her husband as taking care of their children has become difficult. She said though one of her brother-in-laws have taken the cost of her children’s school fees, she is still unable to feed them as well as bear the cost of other school needs of the kids.

This she said is because of financial difficulties as her lime hawking business earns her only Three Ghana cedis a day.

“I don’t have money to start a business so I come to the Suame market to hawk lime. Most times I come to the market with three Ghana cedis from which I will pay for my transport and also buy food. Before my children will go to school I would have to come to the market to sell and send them money.” She told crimecheckghana.

Recounting on the sad incident leading to the death of her husband, she said, “I left my two year old child in my husband’s care and left for the market. Whiles in the market, my instincts told me there was a looming bad omen so I rushed home. To my surprise, I met a crowd in my house and after persistent questioning about what was going on, my mother-in-law broke the sad death of my husband to me. I couldn’t believe it.”

CCF’s support

Crime Check Foundation, CCF with support from one of its US based donors, Priscilla Owusu gave the poor young widow Five Hundred and Eighty Ghana cedis to enable her start a business.

The Foundation has supported many struggling individuals with business capital through its Charity Series.

Watch video below;

Source: Crime Check Ghana