Vodafone express WI-FI by Facebook’ to connect Ghanaians to the digital world Launched

Vodafone Ghana is introducing a new internet solution service for its customers nationwide. ‘Vodafone express WI-FI by Facebook’ has been exclusively designed to provide good connectivity to Ghanaians, particularly, persons living in some remote communities where fiber optic cables cannot be deployed.

Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, outdooring the service on Friday 1st February 2019 said the ‘carrier-grade WI-FI’ will breach the digital divide and ensure residents of these communities are not isolated.

In line with the vision of the telecommunication company, Madam Cuba added that it is the duty of Vodafone to ignite Ghana to the digital revolution, leaving no one behind.

“As Vodafone, we want to make sure that everyone is connected in Ghana. Our vision is to ignite Ghana to the digital revolution, where everyone will be connected to the internet,” Madam Cuba told journalists at the launch of Vodafone express W-IFI by Facebook in Accra.

“We are effectively saying to the communities where we cannot deploy fiber that there is a solution that we can give to you and we are giving connectivity at the cheapest rate in Ghana,” she said.

About ‘Vodafone express WI-FI by Facebook’

The express WI-FI programme, according to the service provider is very affordable and it will help retail entrepreneurs to offer fast and affordable WI-FI services at hotspots which will be spread across various communities.

Express WI-FI is deployed in countries including India, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The technology which is available on WI-FI enables devices of customers to connect to the express WI-FI hotspot within some communities such as Nima, James Town, Kanda, Pig Farm and Abossey Okine all of which are a suburb of Accra.

No matter which network a customer is on, they can still connect to the express WI-FI by purchasing data packs from branded and accredited Vodafone express WIFI retailers in the communities connected.

How to use the Vodafone express WI-FI

Connecting to the Vodafone express WI-FI service is very simple.

Put on your WI-FI on your smart device (phone, laptop, tablet etc) and connect to Vodafone express WI-FI hotspot in any express WI-FI connected community.

The Vodafone express WI-FI portal will automatically open, which you will have to input your mobile number (either Vodafone or any other networks).

An SMS will be sent to the mobile number which the customer would use to log onto the internet to proceed to browse.

Every first-time user will enjoy a jumpstart data of 100MB and can purchase data from as low as GHC1.00.

Data packs can be purchased at the nearest branded and accredited Vodafone express WI-FI retailer in your community.


source; Ghanaweb.com




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